Internship Mela

Unlocking Boundless Horizons: Dive into the Future with AIS Internship Mela!

We revolutionize the internship landscape for law students.  AIS, committed to breaking barriers, introduces the Internship Mela - an unparalleled initiative addressing the challenges faced by law students lacking connections in the field. 

What is Internship Mela?

A groundbreaking platform connecting law students with the best opportunities and providing legal professionals and firms access to exceptional talent. It's not just an internship fair; it's a pathway to boundless possibilities in the legal arena.

Our Vision:

Partnering with state bar councils, AIS aims to maximize opportunities for students across the nation. Together, let's redefine legal education and professional growth.

Key Features:

  • Direct access to esteemed legal professionals and renowned law firms.

  • Networking opportunities that transcend boundaries.

  • Unmatched chances for students to secure internships that align with their aspirations.

  • A platform that serves as a launchpad for unparalleled career exploration.

Why Attend?

  • Direct Connections: Connect with esteemed legal professionals and renowned law firms.

  • Networking Extravaganza: Build bridges beyond boundaries for future collaborations.

  • Tailored Opportunities: Secure internships aligned with your aspirations.

  • Career Exploration: Experience the legal world firsthand and discover your path.

Accessibility around the clock, ensuring you don't miss out on this golden opportunity. 

Don't just dream of a successful legal career; make it a reality with AIS Internship No Registration Fees.

Note - Only for Executive Members

"Connecting Law Students with Advocates"